Friday, October 23, 2015

Take Me Away

Creek, River, Nature, Landscape, Forest    The past couple of weeks have been really hard and then yesterday happened!  There was a fire in town and it took one life and injured two others.  When you live in a very small place, things like this really hit hard.

In addition, there were four suicides in the next town over.  So many people between the two villages are related that it hit had.  The death yesterday was kind of the last straw mentally.  I am ready to just go hide for a few days.
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There are times when I wish I had so much money, I could just take off on a whim.  One way I'm handling everything is to picture where I would go for a while.   You know, its interesting thinking about going somewhere different.  I would want to go somewhere closer to the equator or head towards the southern hemisphere where it is spring. 

So now that I have that restriction, I'm thinking Greece might be a great place to head off to except for all the financial problems they are having.  Of course, there is always Turkey, Algeria, or perhaps Egypt.  I have never been to that area so this would be perfect.

I've heard the food is great.  Maybe I could ride a camel or take dance lessons or just go where I want on impulse.   Since I can't do that, I can just make some food at home, put on some middle eastern music and pretend I'm somewhere else till Monday. Its called making due.

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