Monday, October 19, 2015


Phone, Answering Machine, Play, Keys Yesterday, I looked at my answering machine and noticed there were 26 messages on it so its time to clear it off.  As I went through each message to see who it was from and what was being said, I realized I have a record of people's voices.  People who may or may not be alive.

On another machine, I have the last messages of a friend who died early due to a heart attack.  You know, he was one person you'd never think would that could happen to. He was always active.  When he was alive, he helped set up the ball for New Years in Times Square. In fact, the last time we were supposed to meet, we postponed it because we were going to meet in May.  In January, he had the heart attack and died.

Another voice, if that of a relative who died after living a very long life.  She left a short message letting us know she was well.  Its nice being able to listen to her voice and remember her.  Towards the end, she didn't call as much but she did make an effort.  I think the voice mail, is her last message.

Now we have voice mail on our cell phones where people leave voice messages.  This is a lovely digital version that lasts as long as you have the company and the cell phone voice mail box.  I know eventually the messages degrade and disappear but until that happens, I can play the message and remember the good times.

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