Saturday, October 31, 2015


Hawaii, Island, Tropical, Ocean, Beach  I am currently in transit to a week stay in Hawaii.  I'm presenting at a conference there and I am spending a couple days on each side of the conference to just relax and enjoy myself.  I also have to finish one presentation and rework the other one.  I just need time to do it.

The hotel I"m staying at only has internet in the lobby but they have some great furniture I can sit in and just work.  I arrive tomorrow just after dinner time.  I am going to walk down to the beach, even if its dark outside.  I want to put my feet in the Pacific Ocean just because. I also want to get up early on Sunday to watch the sunrise over the ocean, then pick up some hot breakfast from the little Korean hole-in-the-wall and sit down till later on. I might even pop over to Ala Moana Shopping Center to catch a hula show.  I will spend time working on my presentations and I want to sit on the beach and watch the sunset.

I will spend Sunday and Monday finishing the presentations.  Tuesday and Wednesday is the conference and then I'll relax Thursday and Friday before I head back to work. I already know that it will be hard to go back to work after being in Hawaii.  Every time I visit, I loose track of time and hate leaving.  Maybe I'll move there in a couple of years, who knows. 

Did I pack a camera?  Yes.  I plan to take some photos to add to my current collection.  Pictures I can look at when there is a cold snowy blizzard raging outside and I can't see anything past my porch.  Photos to warm me when I'm cold.  Photos to just have to enjoy. 

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