Friday, October 9, 2015

It Finally Arrived.

Seasonings, Soy Sauce, White, Saucer  The other day, my artisan soy sauce from Kentucky arrived.  It came in a small square whiskey bottle with a label with information including the batch number. 

Up until now, I've only had the usual soy sauce like Kikkoman or Aloha Soy Sauce.  Its what I grew up with but then I tasted this and its as different from the Kikkoman as day is from night. 

I realize that sounds very cliche but its the truth.  Stealing from a commercial I vaguely remember "A little bit will do it".  The flavor was fantastic.  I used just a bit and that was really all I needed. 

I added a little bit to a bowl of rice with kimchi just to try it out.  The flavor of the soy sauce wove the rice and kim chi together, taking it from three individuals to a trio in perfect harmony.  Ohhhhh it was ecstasy.  This was full-bodied and makes the other look like a pale imitation.  I may keep the other in the cupboard for the days when I need to use it in huge quantities but I already have plans to try this new soy sauce in with the eggplant I'm going to cook in coconut milk.  I am hoping it turns the whole dish from average to a symphonic experience.

In the meantime, I ordered another artisan soy sauce from Japan or Korea.  I know its one of those two countries based on the description accompanying the picture.  I found out there is an artisan maker on the Big Island of Hawaii.  I know someone who is going there next month, so I'll have him stop and pick me up a bottle.  <Grins>  O.K.  so maybe I'm going to develop into a soy sauce connoisseur.......LOL. 

In case you are wondering, I believe that the food we eat should be an experience and not just something to shovel into our faces because we need to eat something.  I love food that has layers of flavor that burst upon your tongue and then chase each other around your mouth as you anticipate its climax before swallowing.  I know its not always possible but that may be why I'd rather cook my meals than eat out.....LOL.

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