Saturday, October 10, 2015

Geez, not again

Canoe, River, Boat, Paddle, Nature, Lake When stupid things happen at work, I start wondering if I should take off somewhere or hang in there for a couple more years so my retirement fund has more to live on comfortably.  I don't know about you but I sometimes think I live in a soap opera.

I've heard Belize is a nice place to live in, especially if you are over a certain age and have a minimal monthly income. The housing doesn't look too bad pricewise but it is rather far away from people and I suspect the cost of ticket for visiting the United States might be expensive.

 I have a friend who is older, who looked at Belize but ended up in Thailand because he fell in love with a lovely Thai lady.  I've heard Thailand is a nice place to go but I'm not sure about it because I think they've had some unrest occasionally. On the other hand, Guam might be a nice compromise because it is still part of the United States but still far away.

What my older friends tell me is to look at medical costs, medical quality and its availability to people, especially if you could have heart issues or other things.  Yeah, I know that at 20 we don't think about it but once you hit a certain age you think more about it or you have a life altering event that makes you look at those things.  My sister has cancer so she needs to live in a place with good cancer treatments.  I know someone who ended up permanently disabled due to a car wreck so he has to think about those issues even though he's not that old.

So now I'm down to the question of do I throw it all away to head off to search for my Utopia or do I hang in here a couple more years till I am set for retirement and then search for my Utopia?????  I don't know.  Knowing me, I'll play it safe and dream about things.  On the other hand, if I wait a couple of years to chuck it all away, I could visit places to see if I'd like them enough to live there.  That might be a good compromise......LOL.

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