Saturday, October 3, 2015

Changing Language

Home Office, Workstation, Office  I didn't realize how much language is changing until I looked for a picture of a notebook.  About 98 percent of the pictures I found were of various computers but I was looking for the old fashioned ones that people wrote in during school, or created a story. 

I realized that other words are changing meaning.  One is tablet.  It used to refer to something in stone, now its a mobile device although I've seen cell phones the size of a small tablet.  Its kind of strange watching someone answer a phone that is so large.....LOL

In addition, even our everyday language is changing with LOL, YOLO, ROFL, etc.  Yes, I got an e-mail from someone the other day that included quite a lot of what I refer to as texting language.  I know the local English teacher fights that in compositions......LOL. 

Even some general words have changed in meaning from something bad to good to bad to all over the place.  I saw Night and Day with Tom Cruise and in there a term was used to mean whore.  I was asked by one of the folks in our group what it meant and I said "Ho!"  She was like "I wouldn't mind being called that!"  I explained it was not being nice to the lady in there.  So yes, language is changing and its fun to watch it do that.

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