Sunday, October 18, 2015

Dreams of the Perfect House

Holiday House, Summer House, Home  I don't know about you but I dream of either finding or building the perfect house.  Right now, I spend most of my time in a tiny one bedroom apartment in a four-plex.  It is perfect for one person but if someone spends the night, it becomes way to small.  I think its only 225 square feet at the most.  So I dream of moving into the perfect house. 

I expect it to be a decent size because I have quite a collection of books that I cannot bare to part with.  I've seen tiny houses but I don't think its for me because I like a certain amount of space.  I can picture the bathroom with the shower I want.  I want a huge shower whose head is over the door and sprays into the huge room with benches around the sides.  It will be big enough to relax in.  I also want a sauna to relax with.

Kitchen, Decoration, Kitchen EquipmentAs far as the kitchen, It needs to be open with lots of counter space and storage.  I love to cook and could spend hours at a time as I try new recipes.  I prefer making everything from scratch, bread, pasta, soup, kimchi, etc.  I need one that is big enough with a nice table to work on. 

Of course, I want the whole house to have an open feel so you don't feel enclosed.  That may come from living in small apartments during long, cold winters.  I want the sunlight to stream in, making it bright and cheery.

It also has to be one level so as I age, I can stay in it.  I think about the future when designing this in my head.  I need to start putting it down on paper so I can have it ready to go for when I win the lottery.......LOL.  I suspect I'll need a larger house for everything I want to do but we'll see.  I still have a couple years before I actually go look.

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