Monday, October 5, 2015


Igloo, Eskimo, Home, Polar, Ice, SnowThere is this weird idea that people in Alaska live in igloos.  Last I checked, most people live in regular houses with kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and the usual doors and windows.

Yes, I have seen igloos but no one lived in them.  They were created by the elementary students at the local school for educational purposes in the spring.

In this area, the original housing were sod houses made of salvaged wood and dirt for those who were not nomadic.  I understand that igloos may have been used by hunters but now, hunters rely on their tents, stoves and other modern accessories.

Every year, during Cultural Heritage week, student and adults cut blocks of ice out of the snow and ice, clear off a spot on the lake and build one on the frozen lake.  Honestly, the minute the temperature starts rising, the material starts melting and it oozes into the ground.

Recently we've been having so much rain that we are joking about making igloos out of mud. One of the ladies I know told me to let her know how mud works out because she could use an addition on her house.......LOL.  Today any temporary building would have had issues.  We had a nor-Easter blow in and it was nasty today.

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