Thursday, October 15, 2015


Star, Sky, Graphic, Night, Background  This morning, around 7:15, when I walked to work, I looked up at the sky and ohhhh my.  The sky was sooooo clear, I could see all the stars twinkling through the dark blanket of night.

I could see each and every star clearly.  I spent most of my trip to school looking upwards trying to figure out which group of stars made up Orion's Belt, and other constellations. 

I wished for more time so I could pull out my star gazing apps and telescope to enjoy the heavens.  Unfortunately, I had to look down every so often so I didn't trip over the dirt or my own feet.  It has been quite a while since I've had the chance to enjoy such a crystal clear view of the night skies.  This made my day.

I spoke with others who walked in and they said they same thing. The sky was so beautiful that everyone had to look at it.  They couldn't keep their eyes on the ground at all and found all the holes, the puddles, everything.  There was a touch of frost on the stairs, the ground, etc.

I don't know when we'll have such a wonderful view of the skies again but maybe tomorrow night, if its clear, I'll stay up and check for the aurora since it was wonderfully strong the other night.

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