Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Snake on the Loose

Green Tree Python, Python, Tree Python A friend sent me information on a bus in Philly that was evacuated due to a four foot snake that got loose.  I gather it was quite exciting.  I don't believe there are wild snakes up here in Alaska because its way too cold so we wouldn't have that happen.

Imagine, being on a bus and finding a snake is loose.  I know most people will screech when they see a snake.  The science room at the local school has two snakes and one got loose a few years back. 

They took that room apart looking for the snake and they just couldn't find it.  No matter how hard they searched so they decided it was probably dead.  A few weeks later, the night watchman almost had a heart attack when he discovered the snake slithering down the hall.  I believe the science teacher got a call around 2 AM just after the event happened. 

I heard the night watchmen started carrying sticks so they could bash any other surprises to a pulp.  I think that's been the only animal ever to get loose but I've heard the science department has a shortage of frozen mice so the word is spreading around that the science teacher would appreciate any donations of recently dead mice to feed the snakes.......LOL.

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