Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Sun

Sunset, Field, Nature, Meadow, Sun  The sun finally came out today and as I write this, I've had to close my blinds  and its around 8 PM.   The sun just hit the point where its streaming in the windows and blinding my eyes. 

Although the sun is still setting around 8 or 9 PM, it doesn't rise till around 8 or 9 AM.  By Christmas, the sun rises by around 11 AM and sets by 5:30 PM but I know people who live in a place where the sun sets around November and rises in January!

Imagine!  Watching sun set below the horizon, never to come up above the horizon till January!  I can see you right now, picturing it being totally dark, like the middle of the night but you'd be wrong.  Even though the sun does not actually rise past the horizon, there will be some light sneaking up.  In the dead of winter, it will be dark but you still might see a glow in the distance.   Soon you'll be seeing more and more light peering up just above the horizon until one day, the sun is visible.

Is it hard?  It can be.  I don't like long periods of dark.  I handle it by having lots of lights on.  Even when I visit places with a decent amount of light, I still have to have lots of light.  I do best in the summer with tons of sun.  I don't like it from about October to March as far as day light but after March, I get really happy.

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