Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Roughing It!

Hotel, Berlin, Kurf├╝rstendamm, CityIf I say Hotel, what do you picture?  A stark room that has a perfectly made bed, a television, perhaps a chair and a desk? Or do you see something a bit more used because the place is older than time with lingering smoke in the walls and carpets.  A smell from the past that teases your nose? 

If you visit Alaska and fly out to one of the remote villages, you might or might not find a hotel.  Instead of a hotel, you might find a lodge or a hotel whose rooms barely hold a bed!

Of course, you will find hotels in places like Bethel, Barrow, Nome or other larger places. Yes, I know many of you consider a town of 7000 to be small but up here, its large.  The problem with hotel rooms in those places is that if you can find a room for say $70 per night, it might be over a bar or you might find working girls there.  If you want a better quality room, prepare to spend $140 to $200 per night for a small plain room.

If you end up in a village, you'll probably pay $35 or so to sleep in the school on the floor.  Schools double up as hotels because there are no other places to stay.  Its not bad.  Sometimes, there are air mattresses but usually there is carpet.  The carpet is really quite comfortable.

Of course, for the adventurer, there is a hotel made of solid ice that only exists in winter out east of Fairbanks.  I'm told you have to wear full winter gear because its so cold.  Not something I'm interested in but some people like it. I heard there is an ice hotel in Norway that charges over $600 per night.  Wow.  What do you think?

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