Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Sunset, Lake, Mountain, Scenery  I love the outdoors.  I do not like spending all my time outside, I prefer to spend bursts of time enjoying the moment when I see something that speaks to me.

Nature has two sides.  It has the side where it offers up beauty through the plants and animals that calms our souls.  It allows us that "Awe" moment when we see a baby animal wobble as it takes its first few steps.  I lucked out one time, I saw a calf being born when I wondered by a field with cattle.  Being a city girl at the time, I'd never seen anything born so that was cool. 

Spring, Tulip, Flower, Nature, Beauty I can spend hours watching grass blow in a breeze or blowers sway to the wind or ants as they march across the ground.  I especially love standing on my front porch in the winter to watch the Aurora as it swirls across the sky.

The thing about nature, is it also has an angry side where storms lash the land, destroying building and trees, flooding, and burying things in mud or snow.

There are cyclones that hit with such force that they blow windows out.  Tsunamis that flood an area and rip the buildings off their foundations.  Blizzards that dump so much snow at once you have to dig your way out of the house.  In a sense, nature is much like a child who has temper tantrums every so often.

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